Sunday 13 February 2011

La géographie nostalgique est arrivée !

“Harry Campell déterre le vieil atlas familial...” Yes readers, that’s me there with the shovel. No family atlas either side of the Channel can sleep safe in the ground when “Campell” is around. For — sacrebleu ! — dear old Tanganyika has been translated (somewhat literally) into French. Mais qu’est donc devenu le Tanganyika ? : Les noms de lieux abandonnés par l’Histoire is published this month by Editions de l’opportun. Adopting the phrase coined by Alexander McCall Smith, they describe it as a manuel de géographie nostalgique.

I see there’s also a nice review in Valeurs actuelles: “un petit livre délicieux”. Even if they refer to Cathures as an island. The weather in Glasgow (as we call the place today) has been wet recently, but not as wet as that.

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